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Notes: 9/16 This is the Team addition of this particular series of journals. This posting will have on it the characters in their teenaged state only (I might include their adult mentors as well) and will be grouped together by team. In Generations -1 through 2.5, these teams are genin squads. Beyond that, the teams are called Puzzles. Naruto characters who do not have a counterpart in our new story appear on this list with their original names. Naruto characters adapted into OCs will have their Naruto canon name listed in parentheses. Naruto characters that will be adapted will have [] next to their Naruto name.

These ideas, characters, alternate reality, original story (C) :icontbbishixo: and :iconkira4inu:; Beginning adapted from Naruto canon
Naruto Canon (C) Masashi Kishimoto


GENERATION -1 (Main Characters: Hayate Nandai (Gekkou) and Kaiichi Nandai (Kakashi Hatake)) 15 Years Before [Naruto] Canon
Team Tsunami Shinrin (Tsunade Senju)
Team Junrei Mizukaki (Jiraiya)
Team Otoshirou Sabaku (Orochimaru)
Team Minato Namikaze

GENERATION -0.5 (Main Characters: Hayate Nandai (Shiranui) and Kaiichi Nandai (Kakashi Namiashi)) 3 Years Before [Naruto] Canon
Team Raikimaro Nandai (Raidou Namiashi)
Team [](Anko Mitarashi)
Team Gennai Getsu (Genma Shiranui)

GENERATION 0 (Main Characters: Nao Nandai (Neji Hyuga) and [] (Sasuke Uchiha)) [Naruto] Canon Timeline
Team Kaiichi Nandai (Kakashi Namiashi)
Team Hayate Nandai (Hayate Shiranui)
Team Asuma Sarutobi
Team Might Gai

GENERATION 1 (Main Characters: Kyoraku Morino and Chizuru Senju-Morino) 6 through 13 Years After [Naruto] Canon

Team Shikarou Nandai (Shikamaru Nara): Daisuke Hatake Daisuke Hatake by TBBishiXO Kimiryo Kaguya Kimiryo Kaguya by TBBishiXO Motsuri Uchiha Motsuri Uchiha (genin) by TBBishiXO
Team [] (Sasuke Uchiha): Rukia Umino Rukia Umino by TBBishiXORyuzaki Sarutobi Ryuzaki Sarutobi by TBBishiXO Wonrei Senju Wonrei Senju by TBBishiXO
Team Itachi Shinrin (Kaguya): Fubuki Aburame Fubuki Aburame by TBBishiXOYokai Namiashi Yokai Namiashi by TBBishiXOSawyer Shiranui Sawyer Shiranui by TBBishiXO
Team Kimiyasu Sabaku (Kimimaro Kaguya): Might Lai Might Lai by TBBishiXO Sakurai Namiashi Sakurai Namiashi by TBBishiXO Kyoraku Morino Kyoraku Morino by TBBishiXO
Team Nao Nandai (Neji Nara): Mitsune Tsumi Mitsune Tsumi by TBBishiXOKyosuke Morino Kyosuke Morino by TBBishiXO Chizuru Senju-Morino Chizuru Senju-Morino by TBBishiXO

GENERATION 1.5 (Main Characters: Hayate Nandai (Shiranui) and Itachi Shinrin (Kaguya)) 13 through 15 Years After [Naruto] Canon
Genin: Tairyoku Hozuki Tairyoku Hozuki (Genin) by TBBishiXO Shiatsu Tatami Shiatsu Tatami (Genin) by TBBishiXORisa Nandai [TBD]
Katana Tsurugi [TBD]

GENERATION 2 (Main Characters: Kaien Kaguya and Koenma Kaguya) 23 through 27 Years After [Naruto] Canon
Team Daisuke Hatake: Hisagi Akado Hisagi Akado (genin) by TBBishiXO Shiori Shiranui Shiori Shiranui (genin) by TBBishiXO Kimishima Shiranui Kimishima Shiranui (genin) by TBBishiXO
Team Kimiryo Hatake: Koenma Kaguya Koenma Kaguya (genin) by TBBishiXO Kaien Kaguya Kaien Kaguya (genin) by TBBishiXO Kanami Kaguya Kanami Kaguya (genin) by TBBishiXO
Team Motsuri Hatake Motsuri Hatake (adult) by TBBishiXO: Orome Hoshigaki Orome Hoshigaki (genin) by TBBishiXO Toshizou Shiranui Toshizou Shiranui (Genin) by TBBishiXO Kooei Sarutobi Kooei Sarutobi (genin) by TBBishiXO
Team Chizuru Sarutobi: Nagase Hoshigaki Nagase Hoshigaki (genin) by TBBishiXO Hayaki Shiranui Hayaki Shiranui (Genin) by TBBishiXO Raisuke Namiashi Raisuke Namiashi (genin) by TBBishiXO
Team Kyoraku Morino Kyoraku Morino (Jounin-Sensei) by TBBishiXO: Inosuke Yamanaka Inosuke Yamanaka (genin) by TBBishiXO Shikanji Nara Shikanji Nara (genin) by TBBishiXO Chosa Akimichi Chosa Akimichi (genin) by TBBishiXO

Team Might Lai: Lady Kamizuki Lady Kamizuki by TBBishiXO Yuudai Hijiri Yuudai Hijiri (genin) by TBBishiXOHiei Haruno Hiei Haruno (Genin) by TBBishiXO
Team Yokai Namiashi: Mokona Tsumi Mokona Tsumi (Genin) by TBBishiXO Kokoro Inuzuka Kokoro Inuzuka (Genin) by TBBishiXO Emma Shiranui Emma Shiranui (Genin) by TBBishiXO
Team Ryuzaki Sarutobi Ryuzaki Sarutobi (Adult) by TBBishiXO: Kurama Yakushi Kurama Yakushi (genin) by TBBishiXO Inago Hozuki Inago Hozuki (genin) by TBBishiXO Kisa Hoshigaki Kisa Hoshigaki (genin) by TBBishiXO
Team Wonrei Senju: Miso Nandai Miso Nandai (genin) by TBBishiXO Chiro Hoshigaki Chiro Hoshigaki (genin) by TBBishiXO Yuujirou Uchiha Yuujirou Uchiha (genin) by TBBishiXO
Team Rukia Aburame: Miko Nandai Miko Nandai (genin) by TBBishiXO Mahiro Hyuga Mahiro Hyuga (Genin) by TBBishiXO Hatori Nandai Hatori Nandai (genin) by TBBishiXO
Other Nandai Clan Members: Kami Nandai Kami (genin) by TBBishiXO Miyuki Hoshigaki Miyuki Hoshigaki by TBBishiXO

GENERATION 2.5 (Main Characters: Kaien Shiranui and Koenma Hoshigaki) 36 Years After [Naruto] Canon
Team Kaien Shiranui: Tsunami Nandai Tsunami Nandai (genin) by TBBishiXORaikimaro Hoshigaki Raikimaro Hoshigaki (genin) by TBBishiXO Kaiichi Momochi Kaiichi Momochi (Genin) by TBBishiXO
Team Sakurai Morino: Mikata Shiranui Mikata Shiranui (genin) by TBBishiXOMiyagi Shiranui Miyagi Shiranui (Genin) by TBBishiXO
Team Kurama Nandai:
Team Kyoraku Morino
Kyoraku Morino (Last days) by TBBishiXO:
Team Chizuru Sarutobi:

GENERATION 3 (Main Characters: Elsie Shiranui and Spyro Hoshigaki) 51 Years After [Naruto] Canon
Team Hiei Nandai and Lady Nandai Lady Nandai (adult) by TBBishiXO:
Harada Shiranui Harada Shiranui (Genin) by TBBishiXO Hakkai Sarutobi Hakkai Sarutobi (Teen) by TBBishiXO Might Wai Might Wai (genin) by TBBishiXO  Zetsuei Hozuki TBD Spyro Hoshigaki TBD

Team Chosa Akimichi and Miso Akimichi:

Tosen Shiranui Tosen Shiranui (Genin) by TBBishiXO Kaoru Shiranui Kaoru -Redone- by TBBishiXO Inodai Hijiri TBD Kimihiro Shiranui Kimihiro Shiranui (genin) by TBBishiXOElsie Shiranui TBD

Team Haku Hoshigaki and Kyousuke Hoshigaki: 

Toya Shiranui Toya Shiranui (Genin) by TBBishiXO Haruhi Hyuga Haruhi Hyuga (genin) by TBBishiXOChomi Akimichi TBD Nana Inuzuka Nana Inuzuka (genin) by TBBishiXOUkyou Hatake TBD

Team Narusuke Uchiha and Karibu Uchiha:

Darago Shiranui TBD Renji Namiashi TBD Riku Nandai Riku Nandai (genin) by TBBishiXO Ranpa Shiranui TBD Kouji Shiranui TBD

Team Kaiichi Nandai and Raikimaro Nandai:
Fujimori Hatake TBD Ikuto Aburame Ikuto Aburame (Genin) by TBBishiXO Momiji Nandai Momiji Nandai (genin) by TBBishiXO Hikaru Nandai TBD Souji Hoshigaki Souji Hoshigaki (genin) by TBBishiXO

Team Ukitake Uchiha and Boyuki Uchiha:

Dark Hoshigaki TBD Yume Hoshigaki TBD Ayase Hozuki TBD Krad Hoshigaki TBDGin Tsumi Gin Tsumi (genin) by TBBishiXO

Team Kuranyo Nandai and Miyagi Nandai:

Nichibotsu Nandai TBD Kaizou Shiranui Kaizou -Redone- by TBBishiXORyunosuke Tsumi TBD Yuzuru Sarutobi Yuzuru Sarutobi (genin) by TBBishiXO Kaito Namiashi TBD

GENERATION 4 (Main Characters: TBD) TBD Years After [Naruto] Canon


Kira4Inu's Profile Picture
Holly Wolfe
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
I currently hold a bachelor's degree in Professional Writing that I obtained in two years instead of four. A year later, I am graduating with my master's degree in Justice Studies with a concentration in Public Administration. I graduated summa cum laude with my bachelor's, am graduating as the Outstanding Student in my master's program, and graduated Valedictorian from high school. In my free time, I volunteer at a fire department. I also work full time and continue my pursuits of writing and becoming a published novelist. I own two cars, a dark blue Oldsmobile Alero and a bright red Subaru WRX STI.

I self published two novels at 16 and again at 18 as well as several short stories as ebooks. Some of these are still available but I have since taken the novels down. They can be found here:… or on the iBookstore and Amazon.

I enjoy anime and manga (my art style is inspired by anime). I have a love for manga and books in general. I actually own over 2,700 books. I can be found on goodreads with three different accounts (…,…, and…). This last account actually has all of the books that I own added to the shelves and nothing more (it is my personal inventory). Feel free to ask me my recommendation on any of the books that I have read.

Currently, I've been obsessing over next generations, particularly in Naruto. I have an alternate universe, Naruto generations RP going with TBBishiXO (my sister) that we're handwriting for ease of transportation and usability at work. I'm working on a series of fanfics based upon this and she has a series of drawings. Check out the journal that I've been updating.

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